Animex has extensive experience of automating the Swedish manufacturing industry, with the help of 6-axis robots and the integration of other equipment. Our main focus is on the plastics industry. We analyze the whole, the processes and the requirements, and design automation solutions that streamline production and increase profitability.

Automation around injection molding machin, blow molding machine, CNC or lathe, or other type of machinery.

Complete automation solutions for plastic insert – placing metal parts such as plates, bushings etc. into the molding tool

Flexible feeding of components.

Ensure quality and avoid faulty products with the help of visual inspections using cameras.

Ultrasonic welding, joining, laser cutting or milling of injection-molded/blow-molded items using robots or external equipment.

Complete solutions with high precision for the assembly of snap-ons, screws, rivets, and other components.

Tailored robot cells

We like challenges, and we’re happy to take on the task of creating unique and tailored automation solutions for both small and large parts. Our solutions are based on standardized products and proven concepts that generate flexibility with high accessibility. We listen carefully to our customers, and understand that sometimes the solution needs to be completely adapted to a specific need. We use equipment and components made by manufacturers renowned for their high levels of quality.

Your future partner in automation

We view our collaborations and business relations as a win-win partnership between two parties. Thanks to our extensive experience and a well-formed team, we can make quick decisions, and your dealings with us get even easier over time. Do meet us in order to form your own opinion, and perhaps find your future partner in automation.