Flexfactory Preferred Partner

Animex is a partner of the Swiss Flexfactory AG. Animex supplies and integrates Flexfactory’s products and flexible feed solutions, such as AnyFeeder & Flexfeeder, into complete automation solutions and projects for the manufacturing industry.

Flexible component feeds

AnyFeed is a series of programmable bulk feeders and vision-based solutions for items of all shapes and sizes, from 1-120 mm, and is suitable for all robots and applications. All models share the same functional principle, integrated controls with standardized communication, quick-change plates, an integrated bulk storage container, and a rapid quick-empty mechanism for quick product changes.

About Flexfactory

As a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier, Flexfactory provides high-quality and flexible feed systems for bulk materials. Their head office in Switzerland benefits from expertise and experience in feed technology. Their feed solutions add a new dimension to automated production systems, ensuring high performance and enabling product changes with the shortest possible lead times. And all this with a compact format that is easy to handle.