By using robot automation for the assembly of different molds, use of the robots is usually maximized. This removes monotonous and unergonomic tasks that would otherwise be carried out by the operator. Robots also ensure quality, and can cope with complex operations in a short time.


We have extensive experience of snap-on assembly and screwing operations for example, and have many tried and tested solutions for this.

Different requirements

Depending on the requirements, we use products and equipment from our subcontractors, which we integrate ourselves, or we use complete subsystems with our own operating system, along with quality control that ensures that you, as a customer, are ultimately provided with the right solution.

Tailor-made solutions

Assembly is most often performed by robots, but Animex also produces and builds semi-automatic and stand-alone robotless assembly stations. These are sometimes an element of total automation, sometimes a stand-alone project. We have extensive experience of designing customized solutions that are fully tailored.