ABB Flexloader

In addition to being a partner to ABB in robots, Animex is also a partner in ABB’s Flexloader program (previously SVIA products). We have extensive expertise in these products, and know them inside out. Most machines, such as the FP100 (NanoFlex), the FP300 (MiniFlex), the FP400 (MultiFlex) and the FP600 (FeedLine), are well-suited for applications in the plastics industry, above all, the vision system Flexloader Vision (PickVision or PickMT) for robot guidance.

FlexLoader™ Vision

User-friendly system built for robot guidance. Extremely easy to operate and program new items into.

FlexLoader™ FP100

Flexible feeder for small items. Replaces traditional bowl feeders. Suitable for use in assembly cells.

FlexLoader™ FP300

Feeder for small to medium-sized items. Built on a base plate, and easy to integrate into cells.

FlexLoader™ FP400

For larger items with or without a pallet tipper. High buffer which enables longer unmanned production time.

FlexLoader™ FP600

For complex and fragile geometries of all sizes.